About Quilt Benefits

Our company shares many facets with a home-made patchtwork quilt. A Single square by itself keeps little warm, but sew many together and you can keep even a whole family warm on a cold night. 

Through years of experience in in the employee benefits space, we saw time and again where large corporations and associations are able to negotiate pricing down based solely on their size. If you don’t work for the corporation or qualify for that association, or are currently out of work— well, you’re out there by yourself, paying the same as everyone else, or even more. 

Quilt is evening the playing field, by offering discounts not based on age, occupation,  employment or interest. We welcome anyone to become a member. 

So, like a patchwork quilt, the beauty of our membership is in both the function and diversity of our members and our partner’s offerings. 

Patch into our Quilt.